Where are chrome downloads on android

where are chrome downloads on android

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In the dialog box, Google Chrome will ask you to select the Downloads folder or the SD card whenever you try to download media from the browser.

We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this site. Follow these steps to change the location for downloads on your Android smartphone. Please follow these instructions to change the download location on the go on an iPhone. Unfortunately, click Select Folder after selecting a specific folder? To change the Google Chrome downloads location on your iPhonetap on the Settings icon at downloadd top of the app. Google Chrome provides a relatively easy way to choose our preferred download folder.

With all these methods, iPhones do not always remember the location of your favorite Google Chrome download folder, you will ehere get the option of an SD card when you where are chrome downloads on android on the download location!

However, it is tedious to change the download location. Below you will find the necessary steps.

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This procedure will allow you to quickly group or separate different download file types into separate folders on your PC or cell phone. Table of Contents. How to Strike through text in Google docs? The procedure for downloading Google Chrome offline files on macOS and saving them to a specific folder is similar to the Windows download method described above.